Keidel: Final Chapter In Manning Vs. Brady?

Shayn Roby ‘s Take: The reality is that few opportunities to observe Brady vs. Manning in a playoff game remain , thus making this episode one to be savoured all the more .

CBS Denver

By Jason Keidel
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It makes people thumb through the montage of memorable foes, from Ali-Frazier to Borg-McEnroe to Russell-Chamberlain. But it really feels like a more recent rivalry.

Montana vs Marino.

If you were old enough and lucky enough to watch them, you were treated to two of the five most divine yet different quarterbacks in NFL history. And if you had to pick one to lead your fledgling football team, most would pick Joe Montana.

More than ever, the singular QB metric is winning, and no one did that more than Montana.

But despite the disparity in Super Bowl bling, I would pick Dan Marino. Still the best thrower of a football I’ve ever seen, Marino had half the horses that fellow Pennsylvanian Montana had, and shredded records when everyone knew he was going to throw almost every play.

Montana had Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Tom…

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