Super Bowl Prediction: Broncos by One

Seattle Seahawks:


13      13         5       3        8

Car    SF       Jac     Hou   TN

11       8         5        5      6.5

Ari    StL      TB      Atl    Min

12       8        8       12       13

NO    NYG   StL     NO      SF

Losses:  (Ind), (SF), (Ari)

Win Points        Point Differential        Composite Rating

130.5                    20.0                             150.5

Denver Broncos:


9         8        5     11     9

Bal    NYG   Oak  Phi  Dal

5        4       10     12    12

Jac    Was   SD    KC     KC

8       3        5       10     13

TN  Hou    Oak   SD      NE

Losses:  (Ind), (NE), (SD)

Win Points              Point Differential      Composite Rating

124.0                                22.4                          146.0

Prediction: According to the Roby Ratings for the Seahawks and Broncos, Seattle should be a 4.5 point favorite.  However, it is the opinion of the editor of Shayn Roby College Sports and Shayn Roby Pro Gridiron Report that the experience of quarterback Peyton Manning will win out over the athleticism of the young signal caller Russell Wilson, even though his data driven rating system suggests that the opposite will occur.

Manning will find a way.  Broncos by 1

(H/T: Seattle Seahawks, Mile High Magic/ Twitter)


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