David Wilson advised not to play football, but He and Tom Coughlin Say “God Has a Plan.”

Unfortunately, David Wilson of the New York Giants has been advised that he should not play football ever again due to diffuse cervical stenosis. He had a disc removed and a fusion in January. In light of last week’s episode of symptoms, sensory and motor, (Dr.) Frank (Cammisa, Jr.) and I (Dr. Russell Warren) both told David he should not play football any more. We let David know that by playing, he would be putting himself at risk for more episodes like last week or perhaps something more serious. ”.

Wilson handled the news as someone who is grounded in the Lord might be expected to respond. He told Giants.com, “I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me, or pity me,” He added, I lived my dream. A lot of people only get to dream their dream. I lived that dream. Now I have a chance to dream another dream and live that, too.”

On Wednesday, Wilson held a press conference and said his goodbyes to fans and teammates.

His just now former head coach Tom Coughlin added this, “The whole idea for David is that he fulfilled his dream,” said Coughlin. “Even though his career was cut short, he remains positive and believes God has a plan. He has accepted this in such a way that is a great example for all of us. There is no self-pity. David is a strong person and extremely optimistic. He will meet his next challenge in life with the same enthusiasm he approached football.”

What Coach Coughlin said is indeed scriptural, for Jeremiah 29: 11 of God’s Holy Word does indeed tell us that, “God has a hope and a future for us.”

(H/T: Bleacher Report/ Facebook, Billy Hallowell/ The Blaze and Giants.com)


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