Nine Unbeaten Teams Remain in Pro Ranks

After two weeks in the books of the brand new NFL Season, nine teams have yet to register an “L” on their resume.  The Cardinals, Patriots, Packers, Bengals, Jets, Broncos, Cowboys, Panthers, and Falcons all still harbor dreams of being the first team to go 16-0 and win the Super Bowl.  Since the first 16-game season in 1978, only ONE team has gone 16-0.  The Patriots did it, but the feat was tarnished by their loss in Super Bowl  XLII, as the Eli Manning accomplished his first act as Patriot killer, later to be repeated in Super Bowl XLVI.

Carson Palmer made it clear in an interview via telephone with Rich Eisen on the NFL Network that he really likes how his new offense is clicking. Look for the Cardinals to continue to make noise this week when they face the 49ers.
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Titans Roll in Tampa

Marcus Mariota gave Titans fans a welcomed spark of hope for an exciting season, as his first drive as an NFL quarterback resulted in a touchdown.  The five play drive was capped by a 52 yard touchdown pass to Kendall Wright and the Titans never looked back on their way to a 42-14 victory. Mariota set an NFL record with four touchdown passes in the first half of his NFL debut. He had more scores than incompletions (three) on 16 attempts. While he caught a few breaks — one fumble in the end zone was overturned — Mariota’s calm and accuracy from the preseason carried over.

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Marcus Mariota Ready to give Tennessee Titans A Glimpse of Their Future

Perhaps a little spiritual wisdom will lead to maturity on the field that the the Titans haven’t seen in a while from the quarterback position. Time will tell.


Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota is ready to give the Tennessee Titans a glimpse of future as they open tonight against the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome.   Mariota, who was the winner of college football’s Heisman Trophy last season, is known for his Christian faith.  Perhaps a leader on the field with a stabilizing force that comes from above is just kind of leadership that the Titans have been looking for.

“When I relentlessly pursue Christ, I put all my faith in Him to be able to play well and lead my team. With His power,…

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Pro-Gridiron Top Seven Roby Ratings 10/28

Team                         Record           Net Points   Opponents             WP                 CS

1.Denver                  (6-1)                  8.2              Ind, KC,(Sea),Ari      28               36.2


2.Arizona                  (6-1)                 2.5              SD,NYG,SF,(Den)     25                27.5

Was, Oak, Phi

3.New England         (6-2)                  6.1            (Mia),Min,Oak,(KC)     15.5             21.6


4.Dallas                     (6-2)                  4.6           (SF),TN,StL,NO,Hou   16                20.6

5. Philadelphia          (5-2)                   4.7           Jax,Ind,Was,(SF)           15               19.7



6.Detroit                    (6-2)                 3.6            NYG,(Car),GB,NYJ,      14.5                18.1


7.Cincinnati                (4-2-1)             (0.3)          Bal,Atl,TN,(NE),            13                  12.7






Five Things: Colts Vs. Texans Thursday Night Roundup

Shayn Roby’s Take: The Texans were within a whisker of coming back on the Colts in their own building. Don’t expect them to be able to make it this close in Indianapolis though.

CBS Sacramento

Did you change the channel after the Colts went up 24-0 in the first quarter last night, assuming another Thursday night blowout was underway? That would have been a mistake, as the Texans cut the deficit to five early in the fourth quarter and had a late drive with a chance to win. The Colts hung on, 33-28, but the streak of lopsided results was snapped.

Houston, we have a problem

Confusion about the game and play clock differential gave the Colts (4-2) one final snap in the first quarter, and Andrew Luck found his former Stanford teammate Coby Fleener wide open for a four-yard score and a 24-0 lead. T.Y. Hilton got free in the Houston secondary at will, snagging five passes for 147 yards in the first quarter (he finished with a career-high 223 yards and a touchdown). Houston, meanwhile, went three-and-out on its three first quarter possessions…

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Pro-Gridiron Report Roby Ratings 10/8/ 14

Team                       Record        Net            Opponents                              WP          CS

1. San Diego            (4-1)            7.0             (Ari),Sea,Buf,Jac,NYJ               10           17.0

2. Denver                  (3-1)           2.9            Ind,KC,(Sea),Ari                       10           12.9

3. Dallas                    (4-1)           3.2             (SF),TN,StL,NO,Hou                 9           12.2

4.Seattle                    (3-1)           2.7           GB,(SD),Den,Was                     9            11.7

5.Baltimore               (3-2)          3.6            (Cin),Pit,Cle,Car,(Ind)              8              11.6

6. Indianapolis           (3-2)          4.8            (Den),(Phi),Jac,Ten,Bal            5              9.8

7.San Francisco      (3-2)          0.4             Dal,(Chi),(Ari),Phi,KC             9                9.4

7. Philadelphia          (4-1)           2.4            Jac,Ind,Was,(SF),StL                 7             9.4

9. Cincinnati               (3-1)          2.1            Bal,Atl,TN,(NE)                         7              9.1

10. NY Giants             (3-2)           2.2            (Det),(Ari),Hou,Was,Atl          6               8.8

11.Detroit                  (3-2)          2.0            NYG,(Car),GB,NYJ,(Buf)         6                8.0

12.Green Bay           (3-2)          2.8            (Sea),NYJ,(Det),Chi,Min          5               7.8

13.Buffalo                  (3-2)          0.7            Chi,Mia,(SD),(Hou),Det         7                7.7

14.Carolina               (3-2)         -1.6             TB,Det,(Pit),(Bal),Chi              5                6.6

15.Houston              (3-2)          1.7            Was,Oak,(NYG),Buf,(Dal)      4                5.7

16.New England       (3-2)          1.6             (Mia),Min,Oak,(KC),Cin         3                4.6

17.Pittsburgh            (3-2)          0.6             Cle,(Bal),Car,(TB),Jac             1                1.6






Week Four Pro Gridiron Results

Thursday, September 25, 2014

45 New York Giants @ Washington  14

Sunday, September 28, 2014

10 Carolina @ Baltimore 38

38 Green Bay @ Chicago 17

17 Buffalo @ Houston 23

17 Tennessee @ Indianapolis 41

24 Detroit @ New York Jets 17

38 Miami vs Oakland 14 (in London)

27 Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh 24

14 Jacksonville @ San Diego 33

28 Atlanta @ Minnesota 41

21 Philadelphia @ San Francisco 26

17 New Orleans @ Dallas 38

Monday, September 29, 2014

14 New England @ Kansas City 41