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NFL Accomplice in Racial Hatred

As of yet, the National Football League has failed to fine players who had their fists raised while the pregame national anthem was playing during the first weekend of pro football competition.  The raised black fist salute is a symbol that was used by The Black Panthers, a militant hate group notorious for taking armed action against the police in California in the 1960’s.

Failure to fine these players at least implicitly shows league support for the racially divisive actions, as the NFL administrative officials declined a request from the Dallas Cowboys to put stickers on the back of their helmets that showed support for the slain officers in Dallas, who were killed by a gunman who was apparently agitated by so-called racial discrimination toward people of color by police officials across America.

Silence by the league in regard to the raising of the fist in the form of the black power salute shows a complicit acceptance of black racism, or at least a blind ignorance toward what the symbol actually means. If the National Football League fails to ban such symbols of hatred being displayed during their games, thousands of life-long NFL fans are considering a boycott of the game, and rightly so. NFL owners have a right to let their league engage in left wing Marxist politics if they so desire, but it will come at a cost of losing the patronage of its most loyal, patriotic, law abiding citizens, quite possibly for a lifetime.

(H/T: US & Canada/ BBC News)


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